Your place for great pictures of turtles and
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Our mission is to share with you very good pictures of turtles
and a few pictures of amphibians and other reptiles found in North America.

We provide many pictures of each animal and many animals of the same species.
We try to capture their personalities and to show young ones growing over time.
For identification purposes, we try to show each animal's plastron or belly.

Our mission has grown to include the sharing of techniques we use to care
for our pet turtles, some unusual how to projects, and other first hand information.
This is accomplished by a series of articles containing many pictures we call tours
located on the Raising Baby Turtles page.

We love hearing from you and we will try to help you by answering your questions
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We appreciate that some turtle owners need to find new homes for their pet turtles.
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Behind-the-Scenes Tours

Raising Baby Turtles  The introduction page to the tours.
Tour 1: Baby Land Turtles  Setting up an open vivarium for box turtles and other terrestrial turtles.
Tour 2: Baby Water Turtles  Setting up an aquarium for small water turtles.
Tour 3: Give My Poor Turtle a Bone  Yes! We give our turtles bones.
Tour 4: Rub-a-Dub Dub  Three turtles in a tub for their weekly soak.
Tour 5: An Interesting and Enjoyable Environment  And fun to create.
Tour 6: In the Leaf Litter  An ever changing vivarium environment.
Tour 7: A Better Aquarium Island Planter  Just one of many variations of a theme.
Tour 8: Caring for Turtle Eggs  Answers to many many emails on how we incubate turtle eggs..
Tour 9: Summer Box for Juvenile Box Turtles Outdoors  Time to move young box turtles outside.
Tour 10: Feeding Baby Turtles  More on feeding baby turtles.
Tour 11: Hibernation of Pet Turtles  What we do with our turtles during Pennsylvania winters.
Tour 12: Many Uses for Concrete  Projects for aquariums, outdoor habitats, and around the yard.
Tour 13: Using Brass and Copper  Projects for turtle aquariums and vivariums.
Tour 14: Help! I Found a Turtle  Our thoughts and advise as often conveyed in emails.
NEW>>>  Tour 15: Do Turtle Shells Peel? An answer to another common email we receive.


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