Raising Baby Turtles
Tour Three
Give My Poor Turtle a Bone

    Bones for turtles you say! Yes! Some turtles enjoy a bone, a cuttlebone. This is the same cuttlebone sold for birds. Water turtles enjoy nipping at it as you can see in the pictures. Do they eat it for the calcium or to ware down their beaks or just for play. They probably do it for all three. Cuttlebones are clean and will not fowl aquarium water.

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    Cuttlebones are very light weight and float. Eventually they water log and sink which is not a problem for the water turtles. They also break easily. For small turtles, we break a piece off rather then give them the whole bone..

    Some land turtles will nip at soft stones and will quickly switch to cuttlebones if provided. Again they are clean and do not fowl the turtle's environment.

    Nip is also an understatement. Turtles will bit pieces out of the bone which is very soft. They will leave very distinctive bit marks the size of their mouths. The cuttlebone in the last picture above was only in use a few days when the picture was taken.

    We hope you enjoyed our third behind-the-seens tour. Cuttlebone anyone?


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